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Brand awareness is a key indicator of a brand’s market performance. Every year advertisers invest substantial sums of money attempting to improve a brand’s overall awareness levels. Many marketers regularly monitor brand awareness levels, and if they fall below a predetermined threshold, the advertising and promotional effort are intensified until awareness returns to the desired level. Setting brand awareness goals/objectives is a key decision in marketing planning and strategy development.

Brand awareness is one of the major brand assets that add value to the product, service or company. Investments in building brand awareness can lead to sustainable competitive advantages, thus, leading to long-term value

Our nature to maintain brand prestige and value…

We built a brand image that blinking in mind…

Creating and Maintaining 

As new products enter the market growth stage, the number of competitors tends to increase with implications for market share. Marketers may need to maintain awareness at some predetermined level to ensure steady sales and stable market share. Marketers often rely on rough and ready ‘rules-of-thumb’ to estimate the amount of advertising expenditure required to achieve a given level of awareness. For instance, it was often held that to increase brand awareness by just one percent, it was necessary to double the dollars spent on advertising.

When a brand becomes established and attains the desired awareness levels (typically outlined in the marketing plan), the brand advertiser will shift from an intensive advertising campaign to a reminder campaign. The objective of a reminder campaign is simply to keep target audiences aware of the brand’s existence and to introduce new life into the brand offers. A reminder campaign typically maintains broad reach, but with reduced frequency and as a consequence is a less expensive advertising option. Reminder advertising is used by established brands, often when they are entering the maturity stage of the product lifecycle. In the decline stage, marketers often shift to a caretaker or maintenance program where advertising expenditure is cut back.

Brand Stretagy

Perfect make success. What’s the matter to choose the right things, right move, right thought, right place…

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Thinking of Customers

Branding is overall thinking of a product that checks reality in the market…

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Brightening of Brand

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Brand recall

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Brand recognition

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Top-of-mind awareness

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