With the advent of globalization a decade ago and anĀ  open door policy being adopted by India, the world’s outlook towards India has undergone a massive change. India has played a major contribution and crucial role in becoming one of the key leaders in the field of Information Technology development and ITES HUB. As a result, a huge market demand for IT infrastructure and solutions is being observed in the recent past. GenXcel Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is your most trusted partner for success, providing high tech, low cost and sustainable IT solutions that will enhance your efficiency,

  1. Enterprise Computing / SERVER:

Servers is one of the most essential IT assets is required by any organization, which is a very common practice. However there are various challenges in terms of correct sizing considering the current requirement and future growth and the application to be hosted in it. The deployment should be best in class for managing the hardware with least downtime and having a virtualization roadmap if required with scalability.

GenXcel info can offer various range of products in the server segment are listed below:

  • Tower , rack and blade solutions
  • Work load based server & Storage solutions.
  • Highly scalable and application driven solutions.
  • Cluster based on Apollo series.
  • High performance computing clusters


productivity, quality, data safety of resources to place your organization in global standard

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